Hello everyone

I just bought an acoustic guitar yesterday (sigma dr28h)
and they came with Martin type E3 strings.
Well the guitar has a good volume and is pretty balanced but I'm not so fond about the sound... Now I wanted a strummer (so went for a spruce top), however this one sounds more like a fingerpicker, and flatpicker...
When strumming it kinda sounds plasticish, is this cause of the strings? Or have I been massively scammed?

So was wondering if changing the strings to elixers would help me out...
I played some guitars with that kind of sound and I didnt like them. I bought a Mahogany one, the sounds full as I want. For strumming is awsome!

On your problem, other strings could help...
I used Elixers for a while, they're good but personally I don't think they're worth it.

I switched to Martins and really like them, they're a lot warmer sounding which balances my guitar, which is pretty bright sounding.

It could just be that you have a dud set (I've strung brand new strings that sounded like they were 30 years old, it happens) That being said, I always think it's a good idea to experiment with strings on a new guitar, what is right for one, might not necessarily be right for another.
THB, I just went through 6 pages and 92 sets of Martin Strings at Musician's Friend, and couldn't find "E-3".

There were about 90 sets beginning in "M". (I guess that stands for "Martin"), one FX (?), and 1 SP (?). The closest thing they had was "Eric Clapton MEC-13".

You'll get more change in sound by switching between alloys, (phosphor bronze to Brass 80/20), than you''ll likely get from changing brands.

If all else fails, buy some D'Addarios.
In a recent issue of Wood & Steel, the Taylor magazine you get when you buy one...
Mr. Taylor explained why his guitars are shipped with Elixirs.

They last a long time and no one knows how long the guitar is going to sit in the store before someone buys it. The guys at Guitar Center are not going to change strings....

I was a little skeptical when my GS Mini came with the Elixirs, but they seem fine to me, and I'm a long-time D'Addario user.
When I put on a new set, I used the phosphor-bronze models and they did seem to tone down the natural brightness of the guitar just a tad.
I admit I'm lazy about changing strings and the Elixirs do last....
Personally, I'm just not a fan of how Elixirs sound. They're always very bright. With strings, it's always a trial process. Each guitar sounds different with different brands of strings. On my Art & Lutherie starter guitar, Elixirs were decent because of how mellow my guitar was. On my Martin they don't sound so great.

All you can do is try a bunch!

Some of my favourite strings are Martin Eric Clapton Signatures, John Pearse (don't last very long though) and DR Rare's (LOTS of bass, but feel really rough).
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I agree with Captivate and have used DR Rares on my Martin for some time. Nice full ringing tone.
Quote by Bikewer

I admit I'm lazy about changing strings and the Elixirs do last....

This is the reason I switched to Martins, I had two sets of Elixers break after a few weeks. Considering they're $40 a set out here in the sticks, it pissed me off enough to switch.
And about my specific set of strings on the guitar, I guess these ones are bronze, because they look brownish, untill the B string....
So changing them into all steel strings, like on a/my electric guitar, would do the trick I guess? No matter what brand?
it's gonna take a few string changes before you find what sounds good to YOU my friend. i've tried a bunch and different guitars sound better TO ME with different strings. unfortunately, nobody here can tell you what you are going to like.
i have a small shelf of strings that i'll probably never use as i've narrowed it down to 3 sets that i like on my guitars. it took me a long time to get down to that as i probably will to you.
I had two sets of Elixers break after a few weeks.

Wow I've only ever broken one Elixer string and my strings get thrashed. Cheers
I was recently introduced to Martin Lifespan SP strings...I am strictly acoustic and very particular about my sound because I go from fingerings to.strumming at any second...until these Martin's, i only bought elixers. I like the Martins more.