I have a Squier jazz bass, white one, which I want to repaint.

The parts I want to repaint are the body, the pickguard, and the knobs and such.

What I want to know is what's the best way to cover up my pickups. Don't want to ruin them.

Also going to reshape the pickguard somehow. Any tips on how I should cut it?
even if you're going to paint the pick guard the same color, you should still take it off in order to paint, and when you do its super simple to unscrew the pickups from the guard.

and in regards to painting the pick guard, remember its plastic and certain types of paint aren't likely to stick.
take your pickups out.
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I would just buy a pick guard in the color you want rather than repaint it. There are plenty of businesses on the internet that sell custom pickguards in a variety of colors and styles.
I've researched it but never actually done it. Here's what you're going to need to do.

1. Pull off the strings, pickguard, jack, bridge and neck (and anything else)
2. Use heat gun or paint stripper to remove the current finish. - There's pluses and minuses to either method
3. Sand off an excess paint
4. Use a hanger to suspend the body above the ground.
5. Apply a primer
6. Spray on the paint - wait to dry and apply as many coats as necessary to get the effect you want.
7. Sand back any rough bits using high grit (1000+)
8. Apply a few coats of laquer if you want that shiny look.
9. Sand (hi-grit)and buff to a gloss

10. Buy a new pick guard, paint will just flake off.
11. Solder up your bits and pieces (
12. Before reassembly hook up your amp and test your volume, tone knobs and pups by tapping on them with a screwdriver.
13. Reassemble, restring and pray to god that you haven't ****ed something up.
remove everything before you paint it, don't even think about painting a loaded guitar
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