Whats up peeps of UG im in need of some insightful opinions for my request. Im an amateur player looking to upgrade my sound. I want to start off by mimicking the Oasis single Supersonic. From the rythm to solos. I see that they used epi les pauls back then but is that my best option?

Heres what Im working with right now,

Epi les paul 100 w/ 650r & 700t humbucks bolt on neck ($250)
10wat johnson practice amp ($15 used)
bose headphones ($160)

My price range is roughly $1000. Before I discovered UG i was going to impulse buy an epi les paul custom pro for $600 but decided to not pull the trigger.

Ive got a fairly new laptop with a a decent soundcard (realtek hd audio) so Im looking for input on what guitar I should upgrade to as well as what amp/effects devices to go with. Tube amp or plug it straight into my laptop? Can i get that oasis sound without thetube?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

I'll take a shot at this because it is free bump day.

I found these two links using that Google that might be helpful:


If you have a really really good sound card you can get a something like a Lightsnake (1/4 - USB) adapter and play right into your laptop. You could then use something like Pod Farm (software) to give you amp and effects type options (drag n drop). Grab a Brit 18 or 900SLX and drag it into place and you are off to the races. I use Sennheiser HD205 headphones. If you don't have the greatest soundcard or would like an actual microphone interface you can look at a Line 6 UX1 interface. These come with Pod Farm.

Personally, I prefer an actual amp. Tube amps to be precise but they don't have to be tube. Something like a Black Heart Killer Ant/Little Ant or a Peavey Valveking will do the job. Also, you could look at a modeler like a Peavey Vypyr 60.

These are all things I've owned and can recommend.

Lightsnake $50
Sennheiser HD205 $100
Line 6 UX1/Pod Farm $150
Blackheart Killer Ant used $100
Peavey Valveking new $400
Peavey Vypyr 60 used $315

So....that should leave you some money for a decent guitar. I can't really help in this area because I'm not up on Les Pauls but I would think an Epiphone copy of something like the Gibson ES-335.

You need to determine your amp -to- guitar ratio.

Other amps to consider might be:

Marshall Class 5
Egnater Rebel 20/Tweaker
Bugera V22
Jet City JCA22
Vox Night Train
Fender SuperChamp/Mustang
Epiphone Valve Jr/Sr

Those are just to name a few. You basically want something with a 'marshally' or british tone stack that does the low gain or mid gain tones well.

If your amp side of this budget were higher or if you were willing to go used then the list of possibilities expand exponentially.

Hope that helps to at least get you started.