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Mine is seaform green and daphne blue I'm in the process of painting a maple fretboard strat, and I need some colour idea's that will go with it :p I might even do a swirl colour, so you can also choose up to 3 colours that go well together. Thanks!
Candy Apple Red is my favorite with a maple board, followed closely by Black and Olympic White. A Dakota Red/Olympic White/Navy Blue swirl would be a nice play on the Union Jack.
I like the vintage white, seafoam green, and candy apple red in that order.
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Olympic White with a white pickguard, and a nice shiny maple neck. Second would be Candy Apple Red with a white guard and maple neck. Classic headstock.
3 tone sunburst, like I have. After that I like the whites, red, and black. Although the black does look cliche because it's probably the color most off brand strats have.
the '95 Olympic White on Maple on the right.

i couldn't find a pic of just the strat, but this is mine.

the guitar on the left is a 1982 Peavey USA Horizon II, sharp guitar though.
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This one: ...edited pic out, that platinum/ maple pic above mine

that one would be #2 after mine.
Olympic white with with a maple fretboard and a bit aged pickguard
Gilmour's strat setup is also instant orgasm
Candy Apple Red, black pickguard:

All-white is also pretty sexy:

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Candy Apple Red, black pickguard:

All-white is also pretty sexy:

This man knows what he's talking about.


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three colour sunburst with a black pickguard, rosewood board and gold hardware

yes please
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Pretty much every Strat color covered in this thread.

I think we all just like Strats regardless of the color....
Fiesta Red or Olympic white with white pickguard.
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Creamy white with a maple fingerboard.

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this is a nice 50s burst.

I want that body. If I ever get a masterbuilt, I'm going to give them this pic and say "Do that!"

Surf green is my second pick, followed by black.
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