I'm always wanting to learn new things and have gotten into bluesyish technique lately. My question is in every telecaster demo type video I see the guys are always playing the same or similar runs and I have no idea what they are, any assistance? I know they are popping in some hendrix stuff etc, but you'll see the general jist of what I'm talking about.



I think a lot of what you're hearing is more of a bluegrass/country inflection to the playing than anything else. Particularly the most distinctive thing about those two videos that I could really put my finger on is using both the minor and major third in a bluesy context.

It differs from more blues rooted playing in that the pure bluesers tend to go for a microtonal bend on the minor third where a more country thing to do is hit the minor third and then slide up a half step to the major third.

That's just the most distinctive thing I could put my finger on, I think you should be more specific about what it is you mean to be honest.
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Sorry, a good example of what I'm talking about would be pretty much the first minute or so of the second video, specifically around the 0:35-0:55 mark

Sorry it's really hard to explain it when I don't really know what what it is I'm trying to describe because it's so new to me