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Great job man! Timing seems to be a little loose in my opinion. Please take this with the upmost respect as its not a dig at your skill at all, simply a pointer or öpinion"if you will. I think what you are really lacking is #1, Attitude in your playing, #2, precision. Play this song a zillion times and learn to play it blindfolded, then record it again. Compare the two video's and you will see what i am reffering too. You are on the right track, now have fun with it and "do your time"with your ax! Keep it up man!

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Thanks sooo much for the advice! Was really what i needed. Will definitely work on the pointers you mentioned!
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i like the tone u have here. but the playing needs to be tighter. for metal like this downpicking all the riffs when possible gets u the tightest sound, but it takes a lot of practice. And like the first guy said attitude is important. for a metal guitarist some headbanging and really getting into it makes it 10 times better. overall not bad.

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Thank you. Looks like i need more dedication and practice.
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I really love the choice of song! One of my all time fav's of Megadeth. And watching you play actually taught me a few things about how to play the rhythm in certain parts. I do have to agree with the first person to reply here. You've got the notes figured out, now its just time to nail that sucker down with the heart and put your spirit and cunning into it! Practice practice practice!