I'm looking to get myself a nylon string guitar but the choices at my local music stores are very limited. They had about 10 to choose from and most of them were starter guitars.

I've always loved the smooth sound of them but have never owned one personally.
The nicest one they had at the store was a Cordoba 55FCE, which sounded great all around plugged in and I liked the look of it especially the gold plated tuners, but as a thin body flamenco guitar it sounded very weak and thin unplugged.

1. My spending limit is roughly $2000, but I may be willing to spend more if the guitar can justify the price(up to $3000).
2. I would be using this guitar mostly for flamenco and classical music, as well as some more modern songs. So I would need a guitar that's versatile enough to play multiple styles.
3. A guitar with a cutaway would be a HUGE bonus for me.
4. I would prefer a nylon that I could also plug in, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker if I couldn't.

SO! If anyone can suggest a few specific guitars for me to check out, or even just some brand names I would really appreciate it.