Its true that what we learn from school is in text, most of us learn about specific dates about a certain war or what have you. But what is the true history of humanity, has there been a rise and fall of smarter humans than what we have today? Have people maybe even left this earth before us? how to we know what we hear to be true?
there are many theory's about what humanity has gone through but i wish there was more of a fact behind our history.
What do you believe?
was history just written by the winners and they are hiding all that has happened....
Clearly TS has never heard of The Reapers. Look them up.
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Some shit happened.

Some more shit will probably happen.

Eventually no shit will probably be happening.

The End.
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"To know the truth of history is to realize its ultimate myth and its inevitable ambiguity." Everything is made up and the facts don't matter.

Nothing crazy happened in the past like you're suggesting. The only thing wrong with history is who gets painted as the good guys and bad guys.
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Lizard aliens built the pyramids and founded the illuminati who then staged the holohaux which led to Obama/Antichrist being elected and he took away our guns so we were defenseless against the prophesiesed return of the Lizard aliens who then killed every last human on earth in 2012.
There you go fagit.
- The earth was created 46 billion years ago by Morgan Freeman
- He made dinosaurs
- Fuck that right? He killed 'em.
- Morgan created fish
- The fish turned into monkeys and the monkeys turned into humans because that's exactly how evolution works
- Humans start killing other species to extinction
- They get bored, start killing each other
- Morgan Freeman personifies himself in order to spread world piece
- The 1950's happen, the greatest time in the history of the world
- ???
- Everyone dies

That's all you need to know

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"History is a myth that men agree to believe." - Napoleon

Not necessarily a myth, but the part of history we know is only a tiny part compared to all the things that happened simultaneously.
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Oh god spirit science. It was cool. It brought up some cool ideas. But its making a lot of connections that arent true. But a lot are. My problem with it is there's zero proof for anything, so its up to you to decide whats true and what isn't.

All I know is the tree of life is awesome. it makes vaginas and people and everything.
I saw that spirit science video last week. It's pretty silly stuff, but it certainly makes for a good story.
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