I'm new here and I started to do some sweep picking excercises was wondering though, that are there some cool scales, what I could use in hard rock and metalish music solos, to spice things up

Thank you
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What you're looking at should be arpeggios rather than 'scales'.
Try different arpeggios as opposed to just minor and major triads. Look into 7's, 13's and so on and you should find some different sounds and shapes.
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Arpeggios, not scales is what you're looing for
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Jari plays some interesting arpeggios in this video, the arpeggio around the 0:20 mark is a whole-tone arpeggio

No it´s not. It´s a minor 7b5 arpeggio.
There's no such thing as a whole-tone arpeggio anyway. If you stack whole tone intervals you get a whole tone scale and if you take arpeggios from that you get a series of repeating augmented arpeggios a whole tone apart from one another.
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You mean you want scales for economy picking? I always thought economy should be called sweep picking. No matter how many notes per string your sweeping to the next string. You can sweep every scale with the right fingering. Even pentatonic but its harder for your left hand.
Arpeggios and scales are as interesting as the harmonies underneath them! First determine what your harmonies are, then work out your arp/scale runs and get them up to speed.

In the meantime, your plain old 3-note per string scales and 5-string arpeggio patterns are excellent practice.
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Thanks guys, I see some helpful tips. As far as sweep picking and economy picking goes, I´d like to learn all these techniques But it takes time and a lot of practice. Right now I have been practicing these basic 3 and 4 string exercises for sweep picking and then I have taken notes from the scales I like and made my own runs on up to 5 strings, that sound good and fit with the chord progression I record before practice. I hope my approach is not very wrong though.