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So I've been in the market for a new big muff for the past few weeks and I've been researching and watching youtube videos of all the different clones out there. The only problem I'm currently facing is not being able to physically try them out before buying, since the only thing my local Guitar Center carries is the current NYC big muff reissue. So I'm hoping to get some personal experiences from you kind folks. I think I'm leaning more towards a russian muff sound but I also like the rams head sound as well.

I play a lot of Pink Floyd and more classic rock kind of stuff, so I want something that can stack well along side a nice overdrive or booster as well as being able to clean up with the guitar's volume knob. Another really important thing for me is being able to cut through in a live situation, from what I've read the russian muffs have more mids in them then what others have.

Budget- $175 to maybe $200ish
Genre- Classic rock, alternative, blues
New or Used- Both options are great
Home or Gig- Definitely gigging
Closest City- I live in Mobile, Alabama
Current Gear- I use both single coils and humbuckers so something that would work well with both is a must as well. Right now I'm playing through a 100 watt plexi clone and my pedal setup is Dynacomp>Univibe>Fuzz Face>TS808>LPB1>Nova Repeater.

Here's what I've narrowed it down to:

Wren and Cuff Box of War
Wren And Cuff Tall Font Russian
Arc Effects Big Green Pi
BYOC Large Beaver
Mojohand Fx Colossus

Hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction.
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I have the rams head and it is really good, great quality pedal.
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This site may interest you:

and check out the Zvex Fuzz factory aswell

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Can we assume you don't like the EHX's (little or NYC?)
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Quote by TVeye
Can we assume you don't like the EHX's (little or NYC?)

That's correct. I had a big muff pi with tone wicker and despite how much I really wanted to like it, it just didn't get along with my setup. The switches were cool and all but they either made the pedal too ice pickey or just complete mush. Another thing that irritated me with it was not being able playing well with boost pedals, I'd have the boost set very high but when I stepped on it in combination with the muff the volume would be lower than the pedal by itself. I've tried all different kinds of pedal orders and still no luck. So that's why I'm looking elsewhere since the general consensus is that current EHX big muffs are lackluster compared to all the clones out there.

Also after looking at the stomp under foot site I might have to add a few of those into the ring of contenders as well. Specifically the civil war and the rams head.
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Interesting. I am in the same situation as you. Had a Big Muff way back when but didn't have an OD boost. Have one now but no Fuzz. Will be watching the suggestions here as well as you.
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Stomp Under Foot makes quality muff clones. Haven't tried the Ram's Head, but I tried a Pumpkin Pi once and it was very close to my actual Op Amp Big Muff. If you were going for the Pink Floyd sound, Gilmour was famous for using the Ram's Head Big Muff, so I'd choose that.

Wren and Cuff Caprid is another great one but it's a bit out of your price range. ($280)

Way Huge Swollen Pickle is a good, relatively cheap one too. It can be tweaked to sound like just about any muff.