Welcome fellow forumites.

For sale I have an orange tiny terror in mint condition! This is one hell of an amp with massive tone that can be run in either 7 or 15 watt mode so it's ideal for bedrooms and small gigs or band practice. There probably isn't a single bad review for this head, it has lovely cleans and the beautiful crunch and distortion that orange amps are known for.

It comes with the orange gig bag which is a bit tatty but like I said, the actual amp is in pristine condition.

I'm starting the price for a reasonable £250 including delivery costs.

here's a picture:
Oh, sorry to double post but I forgot to mention this is in the UK.
I'm also willing to swap for a ht-5, night train or a squier classic vibe
Considering that this is your first post on the forum, I'm a little dubious to say the least.

Where are you?
you're correct it is my first post, if not it's not a big deal but I figured I would ask. I'm from the u.s.
I literally signed up just to buy this, I'm a very serious buyer, and didn't want to pass up a potentially good deal.
I could well be interested, if I can get it past the wife, but that shouldn't be an issue.

Where abouts are you? if it's sensible for a pick up, I might be interested.
Ok - I'll have a chat the wife, and I'll need to have a look at getting a cab to go with it, but I'm very interested in it
Would you do it for £150?

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