This is a PSA. I don't work for ESP/LTD or musiciansfriend. I just like guitars. But musiciansfriend is having a deal today, where the EC-1000 is 550 bucks.


It's only for today though, so if you're looking for a new guitar (they come with Duncans also) that's versatile as ****, this guitar is usually 850 brand new. And having played this guitar extensively, believe me when I say that 550 for it new is an AMAZING deal.

Unfortunately, I just bought a Warmoth, so I am no longer able to capitalize on this but for the rest of you guys, enjoy!

Mods, if this somehow violates any advertising rules, I'll take it down.
Too bad i'm not in the US.
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damn thats a hell of a deal! not my favorite finish but if i had the spare cash i would definitely snag one of these.

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Not gonna lie that's an extremely good deal. I think I got mine for $600 used.
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