Ive been trying to start a band but I know noone with a musical background or willing to go into a band. Wondering if anyone had the same problem and how exactly they got started?
usually it's just a case of keep trying man, talk to as many people as you can, put up adverts in places, if you're still at school or college, then that's a brilliant place to start. if not, then library, local music shop, places like that. just keep at it, you'll find them eventually!
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I have the same problem. No one out here in the part of Texas that I live in wants to start a band.
Can you sing and play? Try to get some gigs and play around town. It shocked me just how many bands and musicians there are in my area when I actually met a few by going to places where they played and introducing myself when they were taking a break. I'm friends with a lot of them now.

Advertisements will help, I'm sure, but you also have to kinda advertise yourself visually, let people hear you and see you rather then just see your flyers.
Going to local gigs and talking to people is a great way to meet other musicians. Also, I would be surprised if you really don't know anybody with a musical background. Have you actually asked people, or did you just assume? If your friends really aren't into music they might still know someone who is. Think about it this way, if you ask 15 friends if they play an instrument you've got a pretty good chance of finding someone.
If friends say no, they can still be of some help in making a band. Each of your 15 friends might have 30 acquaintances (friends, siblings, cousins, etc.) and they will probably know if these acquaintances are really into music. So that works out to 15x30 = 450. So unless you live in a town with a population of 50, you should be able to find other band members. Also, it might be a good idea to post on facebook that you are looking to make a band if you are one of those people with hundreds of facebook friends, and maybe ask your friends to post that you are looking for a band on their facebooks as well.
yea man I'm in that same boat as you. i have a few friends that say they will join a band i i start one but they will put little to no effort