I took my guitar in today to get the pickup switch looked at, it makes a crackling noise whenever it gets touched, not moved, but like barely bumped. Anyway, the guy said it probably has to be cleaned so i left it there and it should be done by either tomorow or monday. I have really bad feedback problems with my amp too. I have a Fender Mustang 1 amp with a Behringer od100 pedal. and I'm wondering, does the switch on my guitar have any relation to the feedback or is it the pedal and amp? And I'm fairly new to the guitar world so please be helpful.
Sounds like a grounding issue on the switch, but hopefully your tech will work it out.

Does the amp feedback at any volume, with or without the pedal engaged or the guitar plugged in? If so, it's an issue with the amp or its settings, but more likely then amp. If not, you need to isolate what specific conditions under which the amp produces feedback.

Usually an amp will only produce feedback if the gain and volume are set high and you stand too close to the speakers. At low volumes/gain, it shouldn't feedback at all.
My guess is that you have a cable that is going bad or your jack is that is causing the crackling when "bumped" as for the feedback, it happens, I wouldn't worry about it unless it become onset the second you leave your strings unmuted, in which case I would guess that it's just too much gain, if it builds up and happens gradually, it happens, I've always had that problem too just leave your volume knob all the way down when the guitar isn't in use it should be fine.

I'd get rid of the OD and see if it continues to feedback so drastically, if not then that's your problem.
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the feedback is really weird, because if i sit at a certain angle with the guitar the feedback lessens and anything but that spot it is really loud. With no gain and Master vol about 5, guitar vol 10
Does it happen the second you plug it in, or does it fade in?
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I leave it plugged in all the time, it's just a matter of turning my pedal and the amp on. I tried moving all over the room with it and it does the same thing.
So it doesn't happen unless the pedal is on?
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Yeah this happened with one of my old guitars. is it a new or old guitar? my problem was the jack outlet, it had the wires and the place it got soldered at, was coming loose, maybe a cable is loose inside. Your tech will figure it out.