I was sleeping in bed, and I head a pluck of a string, hell loud. At first, I freaked the Mc**** out, and jumped out of bed. Noticed a chunk of nut had snapped off and released my low E string. Another small pluck of a string later, the 5th string had also come off.

What would cause this?

Also, I bought another nut, and the strings sit slightly further apart, but they all stay on the fretboard alright. Is this alright, as long as it still plays fine?
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Probably old nut or you might have cracked it earlier. What tuning you're had it on, btw?

If the nut fits then it should be fine. It's just different string spacing you have to deal with. Check so that you can actually use the lowest and highest string without they going off the edge.

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Did you increase the string gauge from what they were originally? I put light top/heavy bottoms on and had a similar thing happen to the nut of my guitar on bottom side. Not 100% sure if that's what caused it, but I can't think of anything else that might have.
damn i didn't know that could even happen but it does sound like an old nut or it was just cheap and old. not dissin your equipment. i play cheap stuff but jus sayin it happens. well, stuff like that anyway
i have busted a few nuts. most notably was on my bass, i was playing with a drummer, all of a suddon its like what the hell, then i hear instantaneously 'holy shit' the chunk hit him in the face and left a mark.
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i have busted a few nuts.


Yeah man it happens, it's happened to me several times, nbd just keep a extra or two laying around from now on.
You mean just sitting there on it's own and it just snapped? lol I have to watch out coz I hang one of my guitars in my room beside my bed about 3 feet from where my feet are. Damn.