Hi all!

Been meaning to post a thread about this but I'm currently in an online thrash metal band named 'Killing Floor'. We're geared towards the vein of Megadeth and recently finished writing an original track entitled 'Killing Floor' and recorded a cover of Megadeth's 'Deadly Nightshade' from their album Thirteen. The only thing we're really missing is a solid and dedicated vocalist who can deliver the same sort of edge with their voice as David Mustaine can. After we've recorded and put Killing Floor out for the public, we'd love to continue writing material and we already have some other songs in the making.

I've attached a Guitar Pro file of 'Killing Floor' as well as the accompanying lyric ideas we have thus far. If anyone finds them particularly appealing and would like to get in contact, my email is iamlucasc@hotmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you! I've also attached our Facebook page. Nothing too professional yet but we're waiting until we have some finished music to release before going crazy with it.

Thanks guys and hopefully will hear from some of you soon!

Killing Floor Final.gp5
Killing Floor Final.gp4
Killing Flor.txt