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Do you love Dokken, Cruë, Cinderella, Ratt and Steelheart? Do you tease your hair? Do you want to bring back the glory days of music, when rockstars were truly rockstars? Do you love tits, booze, and Rock N' Roll? Do you love blondes with huge hair and huge boobs? I suggest you message me as quickly as you possibly can.

I'm an 18 year old classically trained singer, and a guitarist, but I'm looking for anyone and everyone in the area that is into old school rock and metal! I have a ton of contacts in the industry, just no band to play with! Hit me with a message!
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Man, it's a damn shame we're in different parts of the state, cause we'd be perfect together.
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Maybe we could start an online band, I also love the 8o's music. I'm from Philippines.
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this is what im looking for im a guitarist and im looking for a 80s style band i love Dokken , reb beach , hit me up im down for online shit too im in 916 CA