I'll try to keep this short...

I've played guitar pretty steadily for 4 years or so making some great improvement. By that fourth year I got so caught up with gear, tone, exercises, styles of play, terms, etc etc that I just sorta...stopped. I haven't really touched my beautiful strat in a couple years but I'm pleased to report that for the most part the only thing that has faded is the toughness of my fingers (and not my memory).

I've been able to learn pretty much every chord that's been thrown at me, my picking is decent (if not a bit sloppy), my lead play is simple at best (I've boxed myself into the blues scale, but I do kinda dance around a bit to experiment), and I'm familiar with quite a few modes, scales, and exercises.

I'd love to start playing again, and I know a couple styles that I'd like to work towards, I just don't know where to start. Below are a few songs that really got me wanting to learn again (I am a bit of a nerd, so anime and video games are abounding in my influences). Any resources, tips, links, etc to get pushed in the right direction would be fantastic.

Doxology by Michael Gungor

Hold on your love from K-ON!

Illusion of Gaia by Famicom Guitar

I'm Alright preformed by Funtwo

These four songs encompass the styles I want to work towards. Not just the guitar parts, but the composition and moods in general . Smooth, but powerful and dynamic. I also happen to love Pink Floyd, Muse, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and similar groups/artists. Again, I've trapped myself into the blues scale and have been playing the same thing every time I pick up the guitar for the past 2 years. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks for your time!
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welcome and here are many resource here to help you
try reading "the crusades" articles here they are very good and cover many things about guitar playing and thoery

also i suggest for now to stay away from modes and focus on tonal thoery

and just keep playing and learning if you have any questions just ask here or in musicians talk
If you've been playing the same thing for the past two years then I say you should start off by learning music that inspires you. Make sure that it's music that's within your reach.

For one because it will give you a goal to work towards and will ensure that you stay inspired.
For two because it will give you something new to play.

If you wanna get out of the blues scale then stop trapping yourself into a box position and just use your ears for what you think sounds right.

The very best improvisers play with their ears not their heads. As long as your vision of what you want to sound like is clear in your head then you will be fine.

The best thing about the guitar is that everyone is different. The note choices that you like along with your technique is completely unique to you.

Not sure where I was going with that but I hope this helps you out bro and good luck with picking up the guitar again.
Yeah totaly start working on your scales and chords again to get hands familiar again which shouldnt take long. Then start learning some tunes. Start at what you think will be easy but challenging at the same time to keep you interested but not frustrated.
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