"Minor Threat
You’re under 21 and pissed about it.

You’re over 21 and pissed about it."

Thats funny right there
My style is impetuous.
My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious.
I want your heart.
I want to eat your children.

-Mike Tyson
for old people, too long, forced. ugh hate music nerds.

Sex Pistols
When your teacher called on you in elementary school, you just muttered nonsense.

sigh so cool. sounds more like a germs fan to me though.
descendents one didn't make sense, and NOFX should be "you're 12 and you're pissed about it."

there were a couple funny ones tho
you're a stone fox
Hahah, I suppose I gotta take that Operation IVy/ NOFX one on the chin.

I actually think there was truth in Rancid though, I WAS born too late. I was born in 89' when Opivy released energy! Rancid was like a decent extension of opivy around that time I was gettin into punk rock. I still think Indestructible was a solid album.
I wanna rewrite this whole damn article. It's so clear when this person couldn't make up something funny and just filled it with a reference so we could be all internally say "it's clever because I get the reference!"

Next post is me fixing the article instead of doing physics homework.

I won't post ones that I don't know but whatevs.
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Sex Pistols
You can't stop telling people that '77 was the only year for "real punk" and you probably mean it.

The Clash
You like things that sound nice but aren't dangerous or entirely comprehensible all the time. Like white people singing about how hard minorities and foreigners have it.

"No mom all their songs do not sound the same quit making fun of my music!"

"Hey guys I really like this band please ignore the fact that the band has the word "****" in it but also think I'm cool for liking a band with the work "****" in it.

X-Ray Spex
I'm both a feminist AND a person who thinks shitty dayglo new-wave is considered punk!

The Exploited
Hey guys do you wanna know how I know punks not dead? SHITTY CROSSOVER THRASH.

The Damned
I like my music how I like my women: kinda bland and disinterested with the whole thing.

You're the asshole who tells everyone at parties that the band was named after Hitler's dog. You're that guy at the party. And you still don't know it.

The Stooges
I totally didn't first hear about this band from that song their singer wrote that showed up in cruise commercials. Honest.

The Descendents
I'm smart, goofy, and obviously didn't get laid in high school. Maybe if I joke about these enough people will think I have a personality.

You're still not tired of telling people your favorite band wrote the theme to Jackass.

Dead Kennedys
You are able to like a band even though 60% of their albums are unlistenable.

Maybe I really should keep telling people I'm an anarchist even though I'm older than 14.

Bad Brains
You're not afraid to listen to a band that mixes multiple styles and wasn't really cool with gays for a long time.

The Misfits
Makeup and cliche costumes may not recreate a band that was kinda popular in the 80's, but you'll be damned if you don't stop trying. Possibly Republican.

G.G. Allin
Hey guys my favorite artist raped people and threw feces. Please don't look into what that means about me as a person and just pretend I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaally edgy.

"I think the Plasmatics was a very underrated band and also there is porn of the lead singer and that's totally not why I like the band."

The Cramps
Just like the people who are into the misfits but more rockabilly. Meaning they have sillier haircuts.

The first time I got drunk it was on 2 beers and I vomitted in the bathroom for hours. But I don't let that stop me from telling people I'm a hardcore junkie.

The Pogues
I liked Irish punk BEFORE the Dropkick Murphys and you'll get to hear about it every time I think someone might like the Dropkick Murphys.

The Dead Milkmen
You would have claimed the Descendents were your favorite band but were born after 1985.

Black Flag
You're really hardcore and probably have issues relating to women. And by probably I mean "absolutely without question."

Minor Threat
You are sXe but haven't yet red the wikipedia page on other sXe bands.

Actually their joke was funny for Minor Threat/Fugazi so I'm cool with it.

Social Distortion
You always knew combining eyeliner and Johnny Cash could be punk. You just needed someone to show you how, and that someone was Mike Ness.

The only thing worse than Kurt Kobain's untimely death is how often you try to convince people that being a staple of MTV is totally punk.

Bikini Kill
"Man, did you guys know being a feminist was SO EASY!? All you have to do is like the right band!"

Pansy Division
"It will SO TOTALLY make my parents mad when I tell them the name of my favorite band."

"He pretended to piss in a bottle of Tequila and served it to the audience! I'm not sure why that is punk but I'll sure tell you about it!"

Green Day
You just can't wait to let everyone online know you are 14 just by letting them read your thread titles.

Operation Ivy
"Pfffft if you think Rancid was good wait til you hear them with a different singer and reaaaaaaaaaaaaally shitty sound quality."

"If you think Operation Ivy was good wait until you hear them with the guitarist singing about public transportation."

Against Me!
"It sure was brave of the lead singer of the band to announce he was transgendered to a bunch of leftists who couldn't be less offended by the whole thing."

Those were all the jokes I could make thanks for reading!
Journalism is just a gun. It's only got one bullet in it, but if you aim right, that's all you need. Aim it right, and you can blow a kneecap off the world.
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"No mom all their songs do not sound the same quit making fun of my music!"

Play Loud! Play Fast! Play Raw!