I bought a Yamaha FG730S recently after reading all the rave reviews about how its "one of the best guitars in the budget price range." It definitely does live up to that hype and I thoroughly enjoy playing it. However, I have a feeling I would get a much nicer sound if I replaced the stock strings with something else.

This guitar is quite bright naturally so I was hoping to find something that would give it a more mellow and warmer tone, while still maintaining that "sparkle" and clarity that the guitar produces.

I haven't the slightest clue about guitar strings, so please give me some suggestions

What strings do current FG730S users like to put on their guitar?

Also, what would be a good string gauge to get? I think I quite like the size of the current stock strings, but I have no idea how big they are
i liked d'addario phosphor bronze 12's on my fg730, but this is a personal preference thing. also remember when you change the strings that for a couple days, they'll have new string sound, so leave the new set on for a while before you decide if you love 'em or hate 'em.
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I use Elixir strings on my Yamaha. I love them. They last for months, and their tone is sparkly, and it produces the boom and punch when needed. It doesn't sound overly bright though. I love Elixir.
I second the Elixirs. I use Elixir Nanoweb lights an my Yamaha A3R. The strings are smooth, durable, and provide a fantastic sound. Like rotoball95 said, they have the boom and punch with that sparkling top end. Worth every penny.
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Yea I think I'm leaning towards Elixir strings at the moment. What would be best though, nanowebs or polywebs? I've read that polywebs are a bit warmer so those could be what I need. Hmmmmmm guess I won't know until I try it!
I tend to use whatever .13 gauge flatwounds I can get.
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