Looking to start an online project with a few other musicians from wherever. I'd kind of like this to be an opportunity to play with other people's ideas and to encourage us to improve. Would prefer younger people (ideally be teens to mid-20s), but it's not a deal breaker. I'd really love to do a variety of things; if somebody has a sick metal tune they show, we could work on that, or maybe take it back to a slower blues tune. I really don't care, I just want new people to jam with. Please have your own ideas for things you'd want to do and be willing to commit! This is to be a casual thing, but determination and enthusiasm to collaborate are obviously huge pluses.

Send me a message on here or at one of my email/IM accounts (on my profile). We could jump right in or just talk things over and get a feel for something. Also, while this is a singular project, I am more than happy to work with multiple musicians in different genres, so don't feel like you can't reach out to me if we find a group of people quickly!

Ideally you should be able to record your own stuff and send it. If not, that's okay, we'll figure something out. I can play guitar or bass, will switch as needed. The more the merrier, both in instruments and people!
Im a guitarist / percussionist (i play marrimba timpani and pretty much any other concert percussion stuff) or i can just do publicity stuff if you prefer. Im okay with doing whatever