Hey people another band thread for you

So i am on this band we mostly play metallica/megadeth/iron maiden stuff

I used to be rhythm guy on my first real band, but on this band i only do vocals and its fun and i get to know more people (i just moved in to the city)

but they are constant issues with the band first of all they're all 16 years old (Im 19'yrs old) so they don't care to much for the band

the bassist has another band and the rhythm guitarist goes wherever the bassist say, the lead guy has no musical idea of anything and the drummer....

omg the drummer!!! he is the main reason of why everything sucks!! he doesn't practice at all! he can't see above his Hi Hat and Snare

we only have like 5 or 6 songs because the drummer can't handle hard rhythms or fast times we have to stop playing so we can teach the guy how to do some parts of almost every song

Last Saturday we had this gig along other 10 bands and we had the bad luck of opening the gig so we started i scream all the frontman stuff and of we go...

First song "Aces High" but guess what! the drummer goes crazy on the tempo of the song and starts to play faster and faster so i look to him and make a "slow down" sign and he does slow down...
and that was the only song that went "Well"on our whole gig :@!!

on the other four songs he stopped out of nowhere he messed the tempo and didn't star with us

we've had other gigs (3 or 4) and they went "OK" but theres always something that ruins the song or someone doesn't wanna practice etc...

I've had thoughts of leaving the band but i don't have any offers of any other band and it's very difficult getting people to make another band (specially a drummer)and if i leave the band I'm afraid that's gonna be my last band for a while

Oh by the way, i love doing vocals only but my real thing it's the guitar...

What should i do???
Set some goals for yourself. Do you want to sell records, and make a name for yourself? If so, you may want to call it quits with these guys, especially if they're not as dedicated as you are. You're not going to get anywhere playing bad shows.

If you're looking just to be in a band and have a good time, well.. are you having fun? Maybe give it a few more weeks, talk to the drummer about practicing more, and see if it improves. Otherwise, it seems like this could be going much better with other, more dedicated individuals.
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
You could start looking for a new band while you still play in your current band. Try looking at advertisements in guitarshops, record stores, online etc, or you could even put up your own ad (but be careful not to put information that someone in your current band could identify you by or you'll have some explaining to do). It shouldn't be too hard to find a new band if your willing to be either a singer, a guitarist or a singer/guitarist. Once you find a new band that you are happy with, you can either quit your current band or be in two bands.
Well, I'd leave. Start up my own band. One without a singer preferably, as I much prefer instrumental music.
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First thing I'll say is the bassist having another band isn't really a problem, as a professional musician I usually have several projects running at once, however, due to the situation you're in, I'd recommend leaving and starting a new band, preferably around your age, I'm 18, and the only way I'd join a bunch of 16 year olds were if they were brilliant, or very established/signed.