I've been trying to start a metal band for at least a year with no success. Now I'm at the point where I'm just asking every person I see. So today I asked a classmate if he would be interested in starting a band. He said yes but he made it clear he didn't like metal or hard rock and wanted to start a pop punk or alternative band. Now I like that stuff every once in awhile, but my real passion is metal and hard rock.

I'm probably gonna go ahead and play in the band anyway though. I mean at least it can give me experience writing with other people and maybe play some gigs. If I don't like it I can always leave so whats there to lose?

TL;DR: I'm passionate about metal but I'm joining an alternative/pop punk band because I can't find a metal band

Anyway, enough about me. Has anybody here ever been in my situation? How did your band go? Was it a disaster or did it turn out fine?
I would do it if i had nothing else to do. It will give you experience, and it will get you in touch with more people on the music scene.
Also, you can introduce your style to the songwriting, and make a mix of two generes, and create something new and exciting. Just because you like metal, doesnt mean you can't contribute to songwriting.
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Im sure you can put some of your metal influences into the band.

Otherwise yes, I have played material I dont like many, many times. However I still derive enjoyment from playing guitar, and playing a song well with other people so in the end it doesn't matter what song it is.
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I think it's fairly normal to have to play a song or two that you don't like. If you listened to a little more pop-punk/alternative you might find you started to like it a bit more. I find I tend to be able to like music I didn't initially like as I become more familiar with it. Even if you joined a metal band that only played metal you would probably still play the occasional song you don't like unless you like every metal song ever written.

I find playing songs to be different to simply listening to them. I get enjoyment out of playing my guitar, regardless of what I'm actually playing (although something a little bit difficult and not so repetitive is more fun). So, I can be quite flexible about what music I play, although I have more fun playing music I really like.

I suggest you try and make a pop-punk/alternative band with your classmate. Playing in a band is more fun than not playing in a band, and having had experience playing in a band will make it easier to get into other bands because then you can say "I have experience playing in a band".
I've never really had to play a completely different genre of music to what I like, as I've always been in the same band that my mate and I started. However, there will always be some songs that you have to play to please the crowd, otherwise, the pub are not going to ask you back if you play stuff that no one enjoys.
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It's all experience, learning and music (even metal, hahaha). The wider the range in styles you can play, the better you will be in your chosen flavor. All time best imho Roy Buchanan went on road to learn all types: country with Merle Haggard, Black with Johnny Otis, jazz, all of it. Almost all real music (skip techno et al crap) has some validity and elements that will improve you. Word was Hendrix wanted to go jazz, bored with being guitar god. Beatles played lots of country flavored stuff. Free your mind of genres and your ass will follow.
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Im sure you can put some of your metal influences into the band.


Also, you may actually learn to enjoy it - the enjoyment of playing music with other people might outweigh differing musical tastes.


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I'm playing in a band that strictly covers 90's hits and the current charts. So yeah, join the band. It doesn't hurt to widen your musical palette.

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I'm sure everybody does it at some point. I find the members of the best bands to have completely bought in to their respective genres.

I've done it a few times and had quite a bit of fun, but they were all sorta one off type cover bands.
From my experience, it doesn't work out very well. You have to be interested and into playing the music. If you don't were gonna get a thread here in a few weeks saying "my band member isn't really giving it his all, he doesn't practice enough etc"
If you have never played with anyone before, you will have fun just being with other musical people.
I actually have a story about this, haha! I once joined a Hardcore band (I am a complete Symphonic Metal/Classical elitist), and while I hated the music, it was bloody fun hanging my guitar low and learning to crabwalk, and despite the fact that I still won't listen to the music out of choice, I enjoyed myself a lot! I did leave the band due to problems, I left wanting to join a same band of the genre, just of a higher quality. I think as a Symphonic Metal musician, that genre is appealing as it's really easy, there's no hours of metronome practice to get a ridiculous solo up to speed, just tuning your low E down one tone and chugging like there's no tomorrow! Alternative would also appeal to me, because of it's simplistic nature, however, this varies from person to person.

It doesn't work all the time though, I was actually recently invited to join a local band who are very established, and sounded a bit like Hatebreed, and when I played one of their songs, I was bored to tears, so you need to find something fun either way. Who knows, you might get more contacts to use when you do make a Metal band!
my first band was something i was actually a bit embarrassed about. we dressed up in makeup and weird clothes, i was in that band for like a year too. so brutal. the music wasn't all that interesting to me either, but the image thing was just too much.

the last band i was in was much more focused on just playing music we found entertaining. very rewarding experience, never much of a future in it though.
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Just the fact that you will be taking part in the writing will give it some of your influence. I find it hard to really dislike a song that I took part in writing (at least in merit, after I've played em fifty thousand times I'd rather listen to something else), as even if it wasn't my style entirely there was going to be some of my style in it somewhere. And it may turn out to be a different flavor of pop-punk or alternative (some sort of fusion thing, even it does still sound mostly pop-punk) from what you've heard, and you may end up really liking it even if you don't like most of the music in that genre. So give it a try, it can't hurt and if it doesn't work for you just tell him.