I believe I may be
losing my energy
between late night conversations
and that matutinal near-sleep state
in the right seat. Sometimes I dream
about carefree époques until
I’m awakened by a heartbeat
jumpstarting in anxiety.
At insomniac nights,
my inner voice repeats
autistic “I’m fine”’s
and I blindly believe
its therapeutic lies.
One day, I’ll wake up
wrapped in a peaceful haze
and life will seem okay,
not because I fixed it,
but because I tried to too late.
Isn't it "I'm fine's"? I think I did the same thing many moons ago and someone told me I was stupid for writing whatever I wrote in that way. I'm not saying you're stupid, it's just I was called out on it and I'm still feeling bitter.

"At insomniac nights" doesn't look or sound right. You can easily keep it there, but it may be a distraction for some people reading an otherwise decent piece.
Sounds good Kind of sad but that doesn't make it a bad piece.

I identify with this piece a lot lately. I wake up early in the morning feeling like death and it makes me apathetic.

Otherwise I don't know what to add. Keep up the good work.
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