Yeah I'm not doing so well with French in school but I want to learn it and I was thinking maybe if there were any good French rock/metal bands (I mean with like french lyrics and stuff), that it would be easier to learn?

I'm pretty open to anything, viking metal, hard rock, progressive metal/rock, soft rock, grunge, thrash, traditional heavy metal, anything goes for me

Any suggestions???
F#$k her Gently by Tenacious D, Dueling Banjos, really builds dexterity, Nothing Else Matters

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Try Noir Désir. The only French Rock Band with Trust. But Noir Désir, is a little hard to understand, Bertrand Cantat sings quickly and with a lot of poetry imagies.
If you like Singers, there is Jacques Brel of course, Renaud, Alain Bashung and another Belgian Pierre Rapsat.
I hope it helps you!