check out the Online collaboration on youtube for Papa Roach - Last Resort


its my first try at putting together something like this so there may be some errors

also if u wish to post ur critique or rating on the youtube page itself, will be appreciated.

im the guitarist btw

Any feedback is appreciated

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This is one of my favorite papa roach songs, and everything was very solid. The vocalist sounded really good! The only thing i can say negative is the production sounded kinda odd on the vocals. However, everybody was pretty much spot on, i liked it.

im new at mixing tracks together and stuff so maybe thats why some things sounds a little odd :P
All players have done a great job. Your playing and tone are really good. Vocal sounds like it's got little too much reverb.
hey big bang theory ur link fro your cover isnt working so i cant check it out sry ..
Nice work!
The only think is the sound of the instruments seems a bit mixed with the track, but the cover is good!