What are the pedals that would be essential for playing post-rock/Shoegaze. Ranging from trippy to explosive, think: Alien mothership elevator music and Skyscrapers being brought down by a tsunami. Yes, I visualise heavily when it comes to sounds :P

Any help is appreciated!
Probably some pretty extreme phasers and flangers would come in handy...maybe a good modern tremolo pedal...
If you would be so inclined their is actually a gear for post-rock thread on here, I don't frequent it but I imagine it would be helpful
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I frequent it.

You'll want a good delay to start with. Then a reverb. For dirt, you can go really in any direction. I use a combination of amp dirt, fuzz, OD, an Ibanez LF7 and a Rat. Sounds like you'll want a fuzz though. Can't go wrong with a BMP or Fuzz Face variant.

What's your current amp?
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can anybody post the link to the essential gear thread?

i can't seem to find it and i've been searching for a minute now.

thanks in advanced!
a good delay. perhaps 2 delays on your board at once, like a feature packed digital and an ambient sounding analog.

or, if you really want to go all out, a modeling delay like the flashback 4x. modualtors, pitch shifters, tremolo is great, every guitarist needs a wah (every. guitarist.)
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