Have been trying to come up with a sound similar to the background sound in Can't You See by Canadian band Women. I have so far been unsuccessful in creating a sound as crazy as what the late Chris Remier comes up with, and have toyed around with a violin bow and an ebow. I can see in this clip that he's playing the guitar with something weird at the start and then at about 2:39 he has some sort of SONY device that he seems to use in a manner that you'd use an ebow. It also looks like a dictaphone.

Anyone come across one of these before?

[forbidden link]

If anyone has any tips or can pass me on to a relevant thread I'd bee very grateful.
So it's not allowing the link to work, but if you go on the pitchfork.com and go to the tv part of the site and type in Women Can't You See, you'll be able to find it.

Alternatively watch another live clip here.

[forbidden link]