Westerberg and Tommy both have been talking about a potential Replacements reunion (with or without Chris) the last couple months, but most of the chatter has died down. Does anyone know if this is actually going to happen?? Because, in the words of Chris Traeger, that would lit-er-al-ly make me the happiest man alive.
Chris' "literally" is more of a "LIT'ruhlly" but I appreciate the reference.

Also the 'Mats are like my actual favorite band and I am not even sure I would wanna go.

You should never meet your heroes, right? Well, you should also prolly never see them in concert decades removed from the time period they did their thing in.

Maybe if it was at an 'intimate' venue or w/e.
Isn't one of them dead?
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reunions are lame. especially when it's a punk band reuniting.
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Hey guys, I just texted the replacements and they said "nah"

oh well :////
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really? i had no idea. sorry, i'm new to punk/alternative music.

maybe one day you'll know as much as me
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It'd be funny if this was Westerberg himself wanting to find out guitar players' opinion on this kind of reunion. I think it would be terrific!