hey guys, new to this forum.

Also not particularly tech minded so often takes me a while to get my head around tech concepts - thought I would give this a whirl to get some other peoples' ideas before even contemplating starting anything ambitious.


Currently using a setup which works and sounds very very nice and is very flexible to my needs, however, as you will imagine, it is not the most practical in terms of setup time and particularly for live, I would like to work on a rack setup which would allow everything to remain plugged in and require the simplest and quickest of setup times - ideally, plug in power, and connect rack to cab and go.

Current setup involves several different floor pedals, all going into an Octaswitch running through the effects loop of a Dual Rec, with some other pedals going directly in front of the guitar also, such as a wah, tuner and wireless system and noise gate.

Pedals in the loop include Flashback x4, Phase 90, Chorus and EQ also.

I have set this all up so that I can easily switch between all three channels of the Mesa and switch effects at the same time to create layers of sound that sound rather nice.


What I have in mind is something along the lines of achieving all of this, using a rack setup that does not need to be fiddled with quite as much. Each time the current setup needs to be setup, several cables need plugging into the Octaswitch and the back of the Mesa (I use a snnnnaaake lead for some of this). However I have a friend who is capable of converting the Dual Rec to a rack mount, and has done so previously several times with much success. I would like this to happen, and to ideally eventually replace the Octaswitch with something in the rack, moving the pedals into the rack also, leaving on the ground some sort of controller (Ground Control?) and the Wah. So the only setup required would be plugging controller into the rack and the rack into the speaker cab.

Can any of you tech minded people help me out with how feasible this may be and also, how costly and what equipment I should perhaps be looking at? The more detailed the better, I would like to understand everything before making a decision

If possible, how would I wire things up, in what order would things go etc?

Another option...run a Line 6 M13 and Mission Eng pedal using 4-cable method. Set scenes for your preferences and you're set. Only pedal I kept was the MXR Phase 90, the rest all came off the board...and there were a lot of them.
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