well, the 300 series taylors are priced higher than the lowest priced all-solid martins, like the 1 series and the 15 series, and the 300s are priced much higher than all solid recording kings, seagulls, recording kings, corts, and are also priced higher than eastmans (and eastman makes some awesome guitars)... and while the cheapest gibsons cost more, unlike the taylor 300 series, they have gloss finishes and some other features.

for that matter, more expensive taylors - the 800 series comes to mind - cost more, but they're beautifully finished and sound amazing.

all that being said, the 300 series guitars are well made, very consistent and if you love the way one of them sounds and feels, they could be a nice choice. just not IMO a particularly good value.
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It's not quite a Taylor 300, but I got a Yamaha A3R. That's some great bang for your buck if it's value you want. It sounds pretty fantastic for the price (which is much lower than the 300's). Definitely recommend checking one out if you want value.
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i love Taylors. i do agree with Patti on the pricing. you tend to spend more for the name on the headstock.... that's fine, with guitars it's(supposed to be) about disposable income. it is a hobby after all except for the very select few. i don't often use my taylor because of the style of music i like to play mostly. a bit too bright for 5FDP kinda stuff.
IMtBike has a good point also, the A series Yammies are an excellent bang for your buck choice. i have an AC3M that i play alot. it has a very clear voice and isnt quite as bright. his is Rosewood, i like the darker sounding mohogany.