Hey man, well I don't really know this song or listen to Mastodon but I thought that the cover was decently good, I mean most of it was on time but some parts seems kinda confusing and out of synch.

The only constructive advice I could try to give is to be more dynamic with your picking hand, it seems to really be always planted in the same space. Then again it might be comfortable for you, but personally my wrist and forearm are always fluidly moving...but I also don't play metal so maybe that's why too.

Anyways, other than timing issues good job dood
Tried to cover this song with my band....impossible! hahaha

anyway, nice cover man! the part after the solo is a bit out of synch, but its decent work!
I'll start with the criticism (don't take this personally lol). The whole time you're playing ahead of the song, you're literally out of sync the whole song. You really need to work on timing. Also you should start playing without anchoring your picking hand it because it's very inefficient, especially with two fingers. Also the high strings of your guitar are out of tune.

Good thing is you played all the notes right without major **** ups (except the outro, but you already stated that). Your bends are also pretty much always in pitch which is really good considering bends are a huge problem for most guitarists.

Anyways, continuing to practice will iron pretty much all these things out. Except the anchoring issue, you should really focus on stopping that before it gets bad.
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