Another member returning from ages ago - I remember you from the first time round!

You're completely right about Push The Sky Away. It's totally unlike anything he's ever done before, definitely his most personal and observational album to date lyrically and a completely new Bad Seeds sound - seems he got his rock mid-life crisis out the way with Dig Lazarus Dig and the two Grinderman albums...

Jubilee Street is rapidly becoming my favourite song of his, ever. I'm a sucker for anything that builds up without you really noticing until it hits the climax.

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Have you guys seen the live show where they played the whole album start to finish? it's available online in various places! Absoloutely fantastic, they have a children's choir too!! Beautiful, and a greatest hits set after!
Jubilee street may be my favourite Nick Cave song, but I do adore the Dig! Lazurus album, if only because it introduced me to The Bad Seeds and I got to seem them on that tour! Phenomenal live act
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