I'm having trouble finding a hard case for my Cort CR-10RN resonator guitar.
I've measured everything that came to mind and have sent it to my guitar dealer, sadly I didn't get any usable answer.
Maybe you guys could help me.

Here are the sizes in cm -> inch:

Full length (from top to bottom): 100cm -> 39.37"
Body lower width: 38,5cm -> 14.96"
Body upper width: 27,8cm -> 10,63"
Body length: 48cm -> 18,9"
Body height (without resonator): 9,4cm -> 3,54"
Body height (with resonator): ~12,3cm -> 4,72"
Neck length (without head): 35,3cm -> 13,78"
Neck width (at body): 5,5cm -> 1,97"
Neck width (at nut): 4,3cm -> 1,57"
Head maximum width: 7,4cm -> 2,76"

Some people said these are about a small jumbo classical guitar.
Thing is, I don't really want to walk to my dealer with the guitar not in a case. Also, I don't have a car to carry it to the dealer, also, I'm quite unsure about what cases the dealers in my city have in stock.