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i have a stratocaster style body that was a guitar, but now i want to turn it into a bass guitar.

will i be able to buy a bass neck, pickups and bridge that will fit and sound ok?

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I have never tried it, but you will need to do some serious routing to make it work. You cant just bolt it on and have it work right. Also, there might be some intonation issues depending on the specific body and scale length. Your body wont fit a bass bridge, or pickups, or neck. You are better off just buying a bass body.
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ok i'd probably spend too much $$$ trying to get it to sound right lol
thanks for the reply
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yeah. But while you have the body, you might have a fun time making a project guitar out of it. but for bass, its not just about money, its more that you are unlikely to be unhappy with the finished product, should only be tried by someone experienced with guitar building.
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It won't work. The bridge needs to be moved to get the scale length right, and most 6-string electric guitars do not have bodies large enough to move the bridge 4+ inches back, at least not without severe problems. Additionally, the neck pocket is different.

What you could try is getting a baritone conversion neck and setting the guitar up tuned an octave lower than normal E Standard. It's not quite a bass, but it's close. Check out Aerosmith's 'Back In The Saddle' and The Cure to hear how one of these 'bass VI' guitars sound.
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I'd say it's possible but needs some serious work to accomplish rerouting and such. Also if you did i would recommend for a shorter scale bass instead of traditional because you already have the smaller body might as well make it compensate itself with a 3/4 scale or so.
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You may be able to route the neck pocket to size and such, but you're going to run into problems with scale length. That, and you're going to have a big ol' hole where your trem cavity used to be.

It's best you saved yourself some hassle son and buy a real bass body. (Or make one yourself!)
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