Good day UG!

It's been quite a while since I shared something here, but I'm currently working on something very cool that I'd like to share with you guys and would love to have your opinion on.

What I want to share is a track for an upcoming album I'm working on. I'm planning to do the production/recording/mixing myself and I've finally got my skills to a level where I finally feel like I'm getting close to a decent sound. So now seemed like a good day to share it with you guys so that I can improve my skills even further through your insightfull comments.

Listen here:
https://soundcloud.com/pinguinpanic/in-the-arms-of-the-earth (Even newer version)
https://soundcloud.com/pinguinpanic/in-the-arms-of-the-earth-demo (OLD)
https://soundcloud.com/pinguinpanic/itaote-quad-tracked (OLDEST)

At the point of this my ears are tired of listening so there are probably some obvious deficits in there. Like for example the rather loud snare and rather loud bass frequencies but I don't want to touch upon this untill my ears are not fatigued but I just couldn't help but pos tit already.

Did some fixing of the lower regions and make the snare not so obnoxiously loud. Also some shaping of the guitars EQ and a different bassguitar grit.
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The song sounds great. Some very cool riffs and nice layers over the top. The riff that starts at 0:58 sounds very In Flames.

There is one thing that stands out as a problem and that is that it is very over compressed overall. When I use a compressor on the master channel I usually set the ratio to about 4:1 to 6:1 and I never let the threshold go over -2db. Most of the time I don't even use a compressor on the master channel. For metal you only really need to use a maximizer to bring the volume up to a good level I have found.

One other thing that may help your mix out is to get rid of some of the low-mids on the guitars. They are sounding a little boxy.

Hope this helps.
I agree with face_the_fear take his advice and make the mix a little more "spacious" and it will sound great.
hmmm i like the style of the song a lot, but it is compressed a tad too much, and the cymbals are a bit loud, the snare sounds right to me personally,maybe lower the guitars a tiny bit and cut the gain and see if that improves clarity,other than that you're good! the song has a nice flow to it, i like it and would deff listen to the rest of the album, here is my music if you want to crit!
Hey man, thanks for the advice on my track, anyway:

This track is heavy aha - perhaps a tad too much in fact, the compression on the kit seems a bit too strong creating a few artefacts here and there at the end of snare hits. The riffs are cool and the song structure are good to me but it's just getting the mix right!

The clean parts seem fine levewise and are EQ'd nicely, it's just the distorted guitar that feels like it should come down a bit. Besides the heavy compression on the kit, the drum parts are all good to me.

Heavy song man, keep it up.
Sweet song, the writing is quite good. Guitars and drums are good, I really do like the riffing in this song, sweet stuff
To be honest, I like both the old and new versions of this song.
Did you change the snare on the new version? Or is it just reduced in volume relative to the kick, cymbals, etc?

In both versions, I love the clean guitars intertwined with the crunch/distorted guitars starting at the 0:27 mark, and again at the 1:31 mark. I kinda do the same in my Song for Holly, I love that kind of effect.

Overall, the mix sounds balanced well to me.

You song is only 2 minutes long though. I wanted it to continue!! Can you maybe add another section in there?
Could you go to my thread and leave a comment:
Thanks for all the suggestions and the kind words! I took all of your advise into concideration mix wise. I toned down the compression to the point where it doesn't destroy the mix anymore. Which is great. As soon as I did that the mix "opened up" a bit more. I also lowered the volume on the cymbals a bit because they were indeed as you pointed out a bit too loud. I also turned down the gain on the guitars and turned them a bit lower in the mix. I did some changes to the master to get out some of the static hiss (at least I think it's kind of gone). And then did some more I don't remember to get this new mix.

Also: The new mix actually has the other guitarist playing his parts instead of me doing all. He dropped by yesterday to record another song that I have still to start mixing so I asked him if he could also do his parts for this. I used a new signal for recording his DI's (threw in a tube pre-amp instead of increasing the gain in software), which combined with his EMG's and tight playing created the cleanest DI's I've ever recorded so his guitar tone is a lot more "clear" then mine, but I don't think the difference is very noticeable in this mix.

Also many thanks for the kind words on the composition/song. It's nice to hear people actually like it, because me and the band have spent pretty much the last year only writing/practicing songs for ourselves and you kind of start to doubt your stuff eventually when you don't get any input from the outside. We're currently planning to record a whole album of songs like this one over the course of the next half year so you'll probably see me arround on this sub-forum.

@mattmakaha , yes the song is kind of short-ish but the album is kind of a concept album and this is like an inbetween song. Like an interlude kind of song, but with content. The song actually has 1 minute of piano interlude after the part I posted which transitions into the next song. We won't be recording the next song any time soon tough because it's 8 minutes worth of difficult stuff we can't play recording-quality yet.

Reuploading, one of the VSTs ran out of memory during rendering or something, which made my Kick-click dissapear. Made some small changes in volumes too:

I think it breathes a bit more now, but I'm still not 100% happy but not sure what changes to make to make myself happy
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Re-listening now.. wayyyy better. Much more spacious, articulate and just a huge improvement. Good job man. That riff at .58 seconds sounds so sharp and killer.