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Well, if you like humidity and no corporate taxes, Delaware was the best place to have the reunion. Seriously, hope it went well!

It is def humid. Reminds me of Houston. We will be here all week...this is our second night. Flew into DCA and got a rental Explorer. The 3 hour drive to get here was cool but damn that toll way sucked ass. It goes from a 3 lane breeze to an 11 lane toll passage and then squeezes down to 2 lanes The drive in reminds me of Missouri though with all the farms and corn. We are within walking distance of the beach but it is a cool grand per night

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Go visit the Dogfish Head brewery for me while you're there.

Now that is a very good idea.

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It'll be a welcome break from relatives...

True that.

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Bethany Beach is a bit farther north than we typically made it, but I lived 20 miles SW of there (Salisbury) for six years and spent a ton of time in Ocean City... You go to OC sometimes, right 311?

Yeah, we went there about 4 years ago. This is an every 4 years kinda thing.
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I really enjoyed my time on the eastern shore. You have to make friends with a boat owner quickly and it helps if you like fishing... But it's just amazing living with all that water around you.

I always missed mountains though.
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Unless its electronic drums.

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We are planning on getting one of the run of the mill fishing excursion deals in Ocean City on Wednesday I think but honestly, I'm not an ocean fishing type dude. Letting your line down to the bottom and trolling is not really my kind of fishing. I'll go because that's what everyone else wants to do but I'd much rather find a lake or stream and bass fish with jigs and senkos.