I've got this Fender Princeton Chorus 125w amp I bought few months ago, and I have noticed that the spring reverb makes some annoying mid-high pitched tone (sounds like sine wave) when it's on maximum.
When I don't play anything and turn it on max, it doesn't make any noise, however, playing any notes just trigger that tone. It's very annoying as it is not so low-volume and interferes with my playing.

Is there something wrong with my reverb or is it a price to pay for the natural analog spring reverb?

P.S. It doesn't make any hum when it's on 6/10 or lower...
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my twin reverb squealed after the reverb got past 4, turned out it was just a bad connection so it was an easy fix. when my amp tech was doing work on it i had him look at the reverb unit to see what was going on, and if your amp is old like mine the unit just starts to lose its' luster. they're an easy replacement fix though, i think you can buy the tanks for $20 and its just a plug right in swap (at least it should be)
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Mine sounds like an earthquake about to go down if i go past 2 Oclock. I blamed it on old age and a broken connection somewhere. Its probably fixable. Just have it looked at.
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You could pull the tank to make sure that is actually the problem.
Did you put the amp on it's side? My tech21 has a tank, and to get it in friends car had to lay it down. The springs that 'float" the reverb got hung up so got into some feedback like thing. Took it out and found that out. Maybe something like that got hung up, tho not so bad? Much easier to fix than the digital stuff out too...