I'm just wondering how I can make posts that are more...well "accepted" by people in this community. I posted something already, it was long and interesting in my opinion, but it got called "cleverly disguised spam" and the thread was closed! I was saying my success story on picking, I thought it would help people. Yeah it is simple, I was mainly talking about how important practicing upstrokes was, yet I personally believe most people don't realize how important it is (I mean, no one told ME and when I learned, I got so much faster!), so I posted how it helped me. How is that spam? What am I doing wrong here?
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Have you contacted one of the administrators that closed the thread down? Maybe he could hive you some useful feedabck.

Would be interested in hearing that success story...
Well there were a couple people looking at it and I'm not sure how to tell which one closed it. It's not a big deal. I might try to contact both of them, and thanks for that idea I'm surprised I didn't think of that. But yeah, now looking back at it again it probably has more to do with how I wrote it I guess...I didn't put in as much information as I should, and people in these kind of forums absolutely HATE things that aren't well-detailed and complete. I'll work harder on that.
When you put up your article come back here and say something. Would love to read what you wrote.