Ok this should be simple to understand...Im looking for a clean single channel tube amp...I play mostly 50s/60s rock so clean is important as for any dirt I prefere a good Overdrive pedal. Budget is around 1500$ no more so i have room for a new Axe so i can phase out some of my really bad guitars that just need to be taken apart for parts etc...

sense i will be playing alot of cleans i need some headroom, nothing over the top although a Fender Twin is a possibility but I'm looking for other options outside of fender etc.

So clean tone, nice cleans, no early as hell breakup(i want to crank it if i want breakup!)...

toss me some options! Oh and tube only! if I wanted Clean SS, i'd break out the JC-120 from storage:P
I'd bust out the JC-120 from storage and give a whirl.

Otherwise, in addition to some nice Fender amps, I see an AC30, Mesa Roadster, Mesa Mark V, Sunn Concert Lead, a Music Man, a Rivera Fandango?, Marshall Silver Jub, Bogner Alchemist, Dr Z Maz38, Mesa Mark IV, etc. on your Craigslist.

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I really like the cleans on my Mesa Stiletto. I play a lot of stuff like this:


Got mine for $1200 used, best money I've ever spent. Definitely has enough of its own gain, but I've heard it works well with pedals as well. If you want a super crisp clean you could just turn down the gain (I have it at about 1 o'clock here, volume at about 11 o'clock, guitar volume down at 4) and put it on the tite-clean. There are some youtube demos and whatnot.

I've also hear the Lone Star Special is supposed to have a really good clean, but I've never played it so I can't say.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

Fender Twin sounds solid, and I know mine has a 25w switch to have a lower breakdown. A JTM45 could be nice as well