please help i am learning guitar for more than 2 year but i am still struggling . i can't change chord quickly my fingers slips while chord change.i can't play barre chord it always buzz .i am getting frustrated all the time . please help thank you
2 years in not a lot if you play one a week and only for 10min. how long do you practice every day?

If you practice for more than an hour every day & still no results, record a video of yourself practicing a song, with a close-up to your left hand. post it to this thread. there could be several reasons for your problems but with out a closer look it will be hard to give you a good advice.
Yeah man your still what i call a baby. Dont get to frustrated this stuff takes time. But i agree with barbuzim1 record yourself and post and we can give you some further advice. We aint here to judge but just to help.
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Bar strength and quick chord changes is a big issue for new guitarists, but stick with it!
Try practicing chord changes with a metronome, and perhaps get a hand strengthener to help with bar strength.