we are the german Black Metal band Atavus and we would like to share our music with you.
We formed the Band as a side project to out bands Lethe (Progressive Death Metal) and Stillborn Savior (Progressive Metal).
We are working on our first record which will contain five songs. One of these songs we uploaded just today.
Listen to it and share your opinion with us. We hope you will enjoy it!

You can find us on Facebook and Youtube
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You will hear more in the near future. I hope that we will hit the studio next week.
I am glad that someone enjoys our shit. Thanks!
yesterday we recorded the vocals for a new song and we just finished producing it.
We uploaded it to facebook and youtube.
It's called "Weit Weg" and we hope you enjoy it!
it's good but i'd like to hear some new vocal style for this kinda music. so many of them sound very similar.

we just started the pre-production of our new release! We will release a new demo song soon on soundcloud and facebook!
I hope everyone enjoyed our last release and is looking forward for our next. It's going to be more brutal, even more melodic and better than the last one!
If you don't know our last record just give it a try on soundcloud, the link is above.
We put our heart in the last record, so enjoy! We hope you appreciate it.

Give us a like on facebook!
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I am very, very proud to release a new Atavus Song!
We really hope you will enjoy this one. It is much more to the point than older atavus material!
If you like it, please share it!

This new Song is called Gotteshaus, and it's a fast one!

And please enjoy it^^!

Gotteshaus Soundcloud
Gotteshaus Youtube

You can find us on facebook. If you like it, please check out our older stuff!