I don't get it, I've been here for a while, but when they started adding this, all I'm seeing is ultimate-guitar ripping off other users' guitar pro tabs and claiming them as their own, all of them, if they added something about them being able to use and monetize uploaded tabs that doesn't explain the whole database they ripped off.

Not trying to bash, just understand, because that's frustrating. I deleted a couple of my own tabs after I saw they were getting taken without my permission into their program, with no credit given whatsoever.
What gives?
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That program allows opening other people's Guitar Pro tabs without Guitar Pro. So it's not taking without permission as you say. It also is cheaper than GTP and has some special features. I don't use it though.
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Just make sure you label your tabs as yours, right in the text.
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Well I just went on one that is taken from a tab of mine, and it says right at the top:

Pohjola Tab Pro Demo Version
by Ensiferum, contributed by sam b

When did you look it up the last time OP?
It does say "contributed by " on the tab pro page. I don't see any reason to panic, it's only making the tabs available to more people, and you're still getting tabbing credit if that's what you want.
Tab gpx, it's incompatible

No I think it's fine. If the software was something like pay-per-view/tab there would be a reason to be upset. UG is already making money from its contributors and that's the way it's always been (ad revenue etc). I'm not sure how I'd feel about this if I were from Arobas though