Does anyone know why every link is shown as "Forbidden Link"?

It seems that whenever I log off I can see them but when I'm logged on I can't
It would be really helpful if someone could tell me how to change that, thanks in advance. I'm using Google Chrome if anyone is wondering.
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Quote by whywefight
I've heard that you can only post links once you reach a certain post count.

Perhaps, but I'm not trying to post, I'm trying to view them.
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Same here. The way around it for me at the moment is to click "Quote" on the post with the images. The quoted text will contain the image links.
It's to prevent spam bots.

You can't post links till after a certain post count or a certain time. I can't remember which it is.

It could be an error in the system that makes you see the Forbidden Link or it could just be that you end up looking at new users trying to post links.
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Thanks for the help anyway, I founded via google and not via the internal search engine of the forum.