Hi guys.

I need someone to record the male vocals for the song The Look of Love by ABC for my music tech coursework as there isn't anyone I know that can really hit all of the notes in that song. I would need it done by Easter time and the recording needs to be as close to the original as possible.

And also I would need the backing vocals as well but they would need to be recorded onto a separate track and sent to me separately from the main vocals.
I could do it? Do you want me to have the track playing with it? Would you like me to play guitar and add drums/bass in? How would you like me to do it? I really like the song though! Very upbeat! (I have equipment for recording, I can hit the notes, and I can record both background voices and main vocals).
I can get it done whenever you need it done by! (Although the more time, the better) I have to learn all the words to the song and melody and such. Would it be ok if I added some harmonies into it that arn't there to begin with? Also, how fast do you want it to be? I can set the metronome? Most likely I'll put a karaoke recording as one of the tracks and just record my voice with that. (I need that to keep me on track lol) Also, who will be hearing this? If you don't mind me asking.
Well I would like it done within the next couple of weeks, before easter at the latest! Errm no it has to be exactly like the original or as close as possible anyway, it is at 120bpm. Ok just make sure you're voice track is sent on its own so I can the mix it in with my piece, and only really my music teacher and an examiner, is that a problem?