Hi guys,

Please take the time to check out my vocal cover of a song I've recently been really into. I am definitely not an experienced singer/vocalist (mainly an acoustic guitarist, but I've been singing on and off for a few months now), but since I purchased a microphone and I want to get into studio recording, I thought I would kick off with a simple YouTube cover.

After a lot of attempts I've finally got a result I'm reasonably happy with.
At the beginning of the video my pitch is pretty terrible but it improves a bit later on.

Recording Effects: Reverb (which is an echo-like effect) and compression (controls the dynamics of the mix). No pitch correction used.
Recording Gear: Shure KSM27, Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Mixer

Link here

Thanks for the support.
I would love some HONEST feedback, no matter how harsh.
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