Hey folks, we're back again with a new recording called "The Empire". Was home recorded in a night. All feedback is welcome! It is actually the final part of a Trilogy of songs called the "Kingdoms Trilogy" by the band. The Other two songs are The Warrior, The Order and now this song concludes it....so If you have the time check out the other two first on the soundcloud page as it will make the new one fit in nicely

I'm actually the bands vocalist and lyric-writer so any feedback on those aspects are particularly welcome!

Anyway much love for checking this post out and hope you all enjoy the tunes!


Tidal Reach!
I love your voice. I was thinking you sound British, then I saw the flag in the title, LOL!
But seriously, I played the song over and over to listen to your vocals.

However, I don't know if you're going for commercial appeal or not, but if you are, that intro is way too long. The vocals don't come in until the 1:20 mark. At first, I thought it was an instrumental. If you're not going for widespread commercial appeal, then the form is fine. I'm just saying that if you want to appeal to a wide audience, then get rid of that long intro because some people will not wait that long for the vocals to come in, and will just go on to some other song.

The drums come in at 3:17. Could you bring them in earlier? Like maybe at around the 1:39 mark (after the second line of lyrics). Because as it is, I think the drums come in too late in the song.
Overall, I do like the song, and I love your vocals.
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Thanks both of you for the feedback! Really happy you enjoy the song! The main thing in the band is that we are happy making our music. The length makes it great to relax and listen to so we decided to keep it that length. Also it keeps a certain degree of similarity between the 3 songs by keeping them all fairly long. All the criticisms of the song will be taken on board for the next few tracks though. really flattered that you guys rate my vocals so high, honestly.
Shall check out all your stuff now both of you. Thanks guys!