So, I have a '76 Bassman 4x10, and it's a good sounding amp for what it is but not quite what I'm going for tone-wise (I go for more of an EVH/80s rock kind of tone). I had it on craigslist and a guy offered to trade a Carvin XV112 for it. It's the EL34 version, not the 6L6. These are basically just a 1x12 combo version of the X100B like Steve Vai and Frank Zappa liked to use, right? From what I've read they're decent amps, but the stock speakers in the combos are kind of meh.I played an XV112 in Guitar Center one time and really dug it, but would it be a smart trade? I can't find a lot of pricing information on this exact amp, but the X100B heads usually go in the $300-$400 range according to eBay... Thoughts?
If thats what you want, then yeah do the trade.
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