Hi people.since they sell the big baby taylor and the yamaha ll6 (discounted) at the same price in singapore,im wondering which to you is better?For mainly fingerstyle songs.i will be trying both out but i would like some opinions too.chErs
if it were me, i'd go for the yamaha. the LL6 has a 1 3/4" nut, which i find better for fingerstyle than the big baby's 1 11/16" nut. i also am a huge fan of englemann spruce, which has a little more overtones - i've always liked that for fingerstyle.
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I have an LS16, but I did try the LL6 and the LS6. They sound great, are easy to play, and the build quality is hard to match at that price.
thanks for the feedback.the taylor is actually $690 here in sg and the yamaha is $900 slashed to $690.and unless the dealer on ebay is in sg,the shipping cost would cost me about $200 which then i could spend on a new one..ill go try out the guitars this saturday and probably will settle for one.its my first acoustic thus the excitement.(i played about 3 years of classical)
I've never tried one before or remember seeing any around here(Canada). Check some of the review sites. Looks nice though.