Well I think we are just about done on this one. I worked really hard on mixing everything together and getting a killer sound out of the guitars. I really worked to make the bass drum slam. And after a week or so of reading up, I feel like the vocals are sitting really nice! And we did it all on our own!

So please give it a listen! Tell me what you think of the mix, and more importantly, the music!

and Post me a link to your band! I'll be more then happy to return the favor, or just give a review in general!

Writing as I listen:
Sounds brootal in the first 5 seconds already. Really nice and heavy very thick and puncy. Setting a nice and evil mood. At 30 seconds the brootals really start. Your vocalist has a very nice and brutal voice. The drums sound good too, and the guitars also sound good. Bassguitar sounds good tough. I like the part at 1:37 with that rather odd melody and then you're like "TATATA TATATA TATATA TATATA". That was a bit vague perhaps but that part sounded nice. Your kick sound is really slamming, but not overpowering. The part at 2:37 is very brootal. Your track really gives off a raw energy vibe like Pantera. Your use of melodies sometimes reminded me of Arsonist get all the Girls, but appart from that you were as you stated more of a Death Metal band then a Death Core band.

I have nothing to comment on the mix, except for that it's damn brutal. Music itself is very brootal too. Sounds well-put together.

Check out my song if you want:
Cort KX-Custom
Engl Powerball
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I'm really liking this. The vocalist is really cool. The instrumentation is pretty cool, but isn't technical enough for my personal tastes, but that's just me. The mix is pretty solid for non-professional work. I applaud you for that. I'd prefer to hear more out of the bass though, but again, I am a sucker for technicality and fretless basses. Overall, I'd give the music a 3/5, and the mix 4/5.
Definitely sick but it could use some more spice imo. It's not bad at all, I would love to see you guys live, but it sounds generic and empty in places but I don't mean that as an insult at all. It's just honesty. The vocals are sick and a solo would be great in there.